Content Warning

Not every anime is for every body! If you come across an unknown title that peaks your interst, make sure you check the tags on the AniDB link (or check you favorite database) to make sure you'll jell with that title's content. That being said, no R-18/hentai titles are listed on this site. Hentai is deifnintely anime history, but this site isn't really made to be an all-inclusive hardcore academic excercise.

What Is This

It's a giant list of as many anime airing dates as I could find for series that started from 1963-2014. 2014 is just an arbritrary cutoff year, and every year I'll add another years worth of dates.

Why Does This Exist

Originally this was a list of airing dates of anime (and other stuff) specifically relevant to otaku culture (if you're not coming from my blog, that's my research interest). At some point I had a thought like, "I wonder what anime started airing on my birthday", and after seeing that the Anime and manga anniverseries portal on wikipedia was severly underbaked, I decided to build a second list for the airing dates of as many anime as I could find.

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