12/19/23 - Tuesday

- I wasn't expecting to stay up all night working on the new site design, but that's what happened. It's not exactly all new, actually most of the design elements are exactly the same. I smushed everything down because the wide open empty space was weirding me out. I can't really explain it, maybe I felt out of place considering what feels like 99% of sites on Neocities cram everything in between massive margins. Either way I'm happy with how the change turned out! I also added a lot of little doodads like buttons, banners, and marquees, all of which are pretty popular here. I also spruced up the backgrounds, added some color here and there, so now everything feels a lot more lively! Everything also feels much heavier to load, but the Neocities servers are holding up strong! I shouldn't really throw out estimation dates since I don't think I've ever held myself to a deadline, but I think the date database will be done around March/April depending on how hard school whoops me this semester. I haven't been in school in over a year, so I'm pretty rusty with my studying schools. So that outta be fun. Anyways yeah, once the database is complete I'll start moving all the info into HTML documents, and depending on how long that takes, we'll say this site will be fully functioning by next summer! Look forward to it!